French in Morocco

My first day in Morocco was trying, but interesting nonetheless. When our group arrive in Morocco we techiqually had been up for over 24 hours because of the time difference between the two worlds. One of the first things I notice in Morocco was how much French was spoken. Almost every person speaks French and some seem to only speak that language, this impression made me very nervous. A big reason I wanted to study in Morocco was to improve my skills in Arabic and I thought this might be compromised. The hotel we arrived at had a French decor and the workers would only speak French, which justified my fear. Later in the evening me and a friend decided to walk around the city of Rabat and get a better understanding of the place we were going to live in for a month and of course shop. In the city with people who were predominantly middle class and working in small shops i started to hear the Arabic lanuage in action. It became clear that French was the language of the wealthy and that our hotel, even though not equiped with good wifi or T.V reception was much more higher class than what any Morocan in the small city shops could afford. The French lanuage is clearly upperclass and shops that speak it are very fancy. At Amideast there are many clothing stores, however, in the expensive shops the workers only speak French and in the cheaper ones Arabic. It was very interesting to see this class system of languages and much to my relief Arabic is very much spoken in Morocco.  

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