Tea and Bread

I am not a bread eater by nature. Honestly, I am not a carb eater by nature. I decided that I would make an effort to try everything in Morocco, so when during our first meal here a huge lump of bread was placed in front of me, I ate it. That was my first taste of Hobs. Hoobs? Xobs? I don’t know how I would phonetically spell it but it has become the one word I can go to when I need food. I am fairly certain I have eaten my weight in bread in the 5 days we have been here. It is so good, and nothing like the bread in America. Even the suspect bread we got at the little market across the street was fresh and amazing. It all reminds me of the fresh bread my grandmother used to make when I was little. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Fortunately (or unfortunately for my pants size) it is served with every meal, non stop. Just when you think the last hobs has been eaten, 3 more loaves materialize seemingly out of nowhere. This is not a complaint, believe me. I am just worried I will head back to Wisconsin with bread withdrawal.
The same goes for the tea. Unlike bread, I drink a lot of tea. I love tea. I thought I had found amazing tea but that was then, this is Morocco and I was wrong. Again our host mom has been nothing but accommodating leaving the sugar out of the tea for me so I can add my own stevia. Even unsweetened it is incredible. I was hooked the first time. I feel like I can smell the tea miles away. We were walking through the medina the first day and I caught a whiff and I instantly wanted some. One of my goal for this trip included learning to cook in the tajine, now I have to learn how to make tea to go along with it.

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