The struggle to learn Darija

By now, we’ve had a few classes of Moroccan Colloquial Arabic, or Darija, and it’s proving to be as difficult to learn as I thought. Nonetheless, almost every Moroccan I’ve met so far speaks Darija, Classical Arabic, French, and English fluently. I can’t even comprehend how they manage to keep all these languages straight! I’m hoping to start getting a grasp on the language in the next couple of weeks and also wishing I remembered more French from high school…

Although it can be difficult for me to communicate with many people here, I’m lucky to have an extremely friendly host family that’s willing to help teach me Arabic but also speaks perfect English! It’s amazing how much hospitality I have found here so far. Islamic culture is very different, but my host family has been very accomodating so far by introducing me to Moroccan lifestyle, while also trying to relate to American culture. The past 2 nights have been spent with my host mother and her sisters, eating delicious middle eastern food over the newest episode of Pretty Little Liars (a family favorite) and talking during commercials about the baby boy my host mom is expecting in 2 weeks! Despite the fact that I’m really struggling to learn to communicate in Darija, I think I could get used to the lifestyle here.

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