Women in Morocco

I have really been enjoying Morocco since I arrived, the weather is beautiful and has a cool breeze, however the attention I recieve because I am a American foreigner is annoying. Overall, Moroccans really like Americans and they are welcoming, but, Moroccan men seem to like American women too much. It is funny at times when me and the other women in the group are getting cat calls and waved at on the street, but it does become old very fast.I feel like it stunts my full emergion into the Moroccan culture, since everyone looks at me as a tourist. yesterday my host sister who is only 12 took me all around the city of Rabat and I felt like I was finally able to blend into the culture. I am Middle Eastern so it was easy to blend into the Rabat life with my host sister, it is only when I spoke my broken Arabic that others could identity me as a foreginer. Since my host sister took me around the city I began to understand the area better. It was also nice to get away from male harrassment and just walk the streets like other Moroccan women do. Although I still got some cat calls on the steet it was not as much as when walking with larger groups of American women, it is clear that daliy harrassment is just part of a Moroccan woman life. However, I realized it is really just part of all women’s life, since when I am walking around any area in my hometown there is at least one cat call. It is very sad to think that women’s harrassment on the street is so common everywhere it has become a way of life.

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