Health Access and Family Planning-Inferences

In the past week our host mother has been to the hospital three times. Twice due to ovarian cysts and once due to abdominal pain due to gas. This week has not been the best for her but I find myself thinking about how fortunate she is to have access to health care providers and excellent health providers that have been able to both identify and treat her conditions in a  considerably expedient manner. 

In the same vein, I think about the homeless women that I have seen on the streets of Agdal with infants and how limited their access to healthcare services must be and the effect that this limited access will have on their developing infants.

When thinking about the access that females of different economic status have within Morocco, I am reminded of Dr. Akrim’s TB lecture in which he told us that HIV positive infants could not be registered within the national registry and what this means for the future of individuals who are already at an increased risk of infection and illness. 

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