Today was the first day I had couscous in Morocco and it did not disappoint. I really like how people eat food and meals here. Always together in the same room and everyone is equally sharing the meal. It falls in like with how they treat other people as well. My host brothers are always saying how everyone in the world are brothers and we are all equal.

During our couscous meal, a friend of the family came by to pick up her dress from lalla Dounia. She spoke a little english with us but instead of just coming by to get something, lalla Dounia immediately made a spot for her at the table and she ate couscous with us. People are always so welcome in a Moroccan’s home, its amazing. People stop by without an invite and they never seem to be intruding on anything. It contrasts heavily from the United States where people seem to be so suspicious of everyone all the time and are never trusting. The opposite is true here and I always feel safe and welcome everywhere  I go.

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