How do you say…

Darija class… Ohhh it was interesting at first. To find out that Darija is just a spoken language here in Morocco and not a written one has made it a bit difficult for me to follow. Learning the sounds of the alphabet has really given my host family a good laugh! We have had 4 days of class and I only know the numbers and how to ask for the price of an item. Along with the standard greeting phrases, I’m a bit lost. But nonetheless I enjoy listening to my host family speak in Darija. I listen in hopes of being able to pick up at least a few words to comprehend what they are saying.

My host family is wonderful. They encourage us to speak in Darija and when I ask for help with the pronunciation, they do their best to help me . The hardest thing to say so far is “Good Morning.” Every morning I attempt to pronounce it, every morning I get laughed at!

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