That was … interesting

When we first got the sylabus for this trip one of the few things I was overly concerned about was the “turkish toilet.” I figured any toilet that not only required googling a picture, but also instructions would not and could not end well. I was fortunate enough to find out today. Lesson one of Morocco should be- don’t use the bathroom in the Medina. Just don’t. This should have been common sense but when nature calls you have to answer. We were shopping for mirrors and “magic boxes” when I asked the vendor if there was a bathroom in the Medina. He said sure and would take us there. After a 5 minute walk through what I am certain was the most crowded road we found smelled the bathroom. In flip flops I braved the gross wet floor. When I got to the stall it didn’t even occur to me what could be behind the frosted glass. I even hesitated for a second thinking “they took the toilet out!” Nope, I had my first adventure with turkish toilets. It wasn’t so bad, except for the surrounding area that was wet, and smelly and gross. I think it would have been fine had I not been in flip flops. Oh, and I also found out you need to pay 1DH to use the toilet. 12 cents seems like I over paid. Tomorrow in Arabic class I am learning my phrase: I need a western toilet!


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