Eating like a local

Before coming to Morocco my knowledge of traditional Moroccan food was couscous. So I was pleasantly surprised when my host mother seemed to really like cooking and was pretty traditional in her cooking style. The first day we had lunch at the school before we went to meet our host families, but our family had not received the message so we had two lunches that day. Our host mom made Tangine, which is a traditional Moroccan dish that is sort of like stew in the States. It was so wonderful, but our mom kept pushing us to eat more and more Then came the fruit. Then the figs. Then the yogurt. Then the cake. We muscled through the meal, but this seemed to be a trend throughout the following meals. The style of eating is also extremely different because forks, knives and spoons are not really used. They provide Alie and I with the utensils, but they use bread and their right hand to eat their meals. They manage to do this very gracefully and spill far less than Alie and I do with our forks. They are extremely generous and love to feed us. We are learning our limits and finding ways to eat less and praise more! No shortage of excellent food in our home!

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