Islam: Public – Private

The call to prayer resonates as the sound of the city Rabat. If you can hear – you will hear.  Masques large & small dot the landscape & can’t be missed.  If you can see – you will see.  Prayer is different. One’s prayers are individual; perhaps at public Masque one day but private other days and times. Picture this side of Islam in Rabat. In a public square in the quiet treed shade away from the benches & children playing, a solitary man takes water from a fountain, cleans himself, spreads his prayer rug, prostrates himself, and I imagine his private prayer, Allah WaEd. I turn away, turn back and he is gone.  Now I see him, a Transit hat on his head, walking back into the community. This is Rabat.

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One Response to Islam: Public – Private

  1. Kelly Cook says:

    It’s all of Morocco. Sometimes on road trips if you are around when it’s prayer time, people are seen on the side of the road praying. It’s really a nice aspect of Morocco to be honest.

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