When in Morocco…

It’s always interesting talking to our host mother about our experiences during the day. Usually we tell her about our cab ride or lunch and she informs us that we’re paying too much or being taken advantage of by our cab drivers.

It’s interesting and somewhat counterintuitive to think that paying 60 Dh for lunch (about $7) is expensive. The same goes for haggle in the medina and trying to pay 80 Dh over a dress that is originally priced at 100 Dh.  Although these prices are extremely affordable by American standards, they are expensive by Moroccan standards.

Realizing that it’s the merit of being charged fairly regardless of the fact that we are tourists (paid 70Dh for a taxi ride which exorbitant by anyone’s standards), and not the actually cost in american dollars has been an important realization.

To avoid continuing to throw all our money away on car rides to and from AMIDEAST, we are attempting to walk tomorrow morning.  Our host mother keeps telling us it’s a twenty minute walk but I’m doubt that. It’s a 15 minute taxi ride and takes us through at least two different neighborhoods.

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One Response to When in Morocco…

  1. Kelly Cook says:

    It is depending on shortcuts too. Having lived in Rabat for a good amount of time, I can help you find shorter routes. Also get to know your drivers and don’t be afraid to try and talk to them. They love conversation with foreigners and often that alone will get you “the local price”.

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