Child Abandonment

Today our class traveled to Casablanca and talked to a women advocate named Aicha Channa. Aicha helps unwed mothers keep their children and become functioning members of society. Women who have children out of wedlock, even if they are victims of rape or incest are outcasted by society. Many of these women are shunned by their families and are typically uneducated. Channa has created an organization to allow women to work and become financially independent.  It is very interesting to see and talk to these women advocates in Morocco since clearly women’s rights are not often discussed. To me it seems like many Moroccans are unaware of the child abandonment issue in their country. Many children if born out of wedlock are abandoned due to social and economic pressure. The children if found are taken in by government facilities, however, due to lack of care many die. When I had my child abandonment in Morocco text book sitting on the dining table my host family looked at it, yet, seemed to not understand why the book was assigned or even that there was a problem with child abandonment.   

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