Human Waste in Morocco

Since arriving in Morocco, most of us have been at a loss for where to put our garbage. Instead of public garbage cans on every block, there are piles of branches, plastic bags, and rotting food. While walking down the street, it’s not odd to see people throwing their plastic bottles, paper bags, and half eaten styrofoam trays onto the ground. 

Still, this is a problem that every large urban center deals with, so I brushed it off-until our journey to the beach on Sunday.

While driving down the coast from Rabat to Salé, I was astonished at the amount of garbage everywhere. Miles of beautiful coastline is being used as a glorified garbage dump-and not just by the residents. Garbage trucks were parked on various parts of the beach, dumping hundreds of pounds of rotting food, plastic, and glass. This especially struck me as in most developed countries, oceanfront property is the first to be developed and is highly sought after for residential purposes as well. 

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