The Reality of Shopping in Morocco

I never realized how disconnected I was from how my things I purchased were made.  When I was shopping in a Medina near Salle we were looking at all this pottery and our host brother said we should come in the back rooms.  After being convinced that this was an ok thing to do we went back and saw the shopkeepers making the pottery being sold up front in the back room, including hand painting the amazing decorations on them.  We also went next door to the local supermarket where a man was selling shoes in the stand.  As my roommate was trying to haggle him down and questioning why the shoes didn’t have sizes on them, I realized he had the machines and sewing supplies in this little stand as he was making all the shoes there inside that little stand!

 What struck me the most though, was realizing that I really couldn’t go about buying the ingrediants to be able to prepare a meal.  Danielle and I were going to make a dinner for our host mom (chicken parmasean) which should be simple.  We were going to walk to the little medina by our house and get the stuff.  Then we realized that the pasta was sold in very large bags and by weight.  I have no idea how much pasta weighs.  Also, the chickens are alive in this place and they slaughter them when you order the weight you want.  I could not watch them do that.  Then, when we were thinking about sauce, how do you make it.  Tomatoes obviously, but then what seasonings, how much of each of them, and what do they look like?  I realized I could not probably make a very good meal here.

I never thought that I would miss my work (Pick ‘n Save) so much, just so I could get food for dinner, a tooth brush and cleaning supplies all in the same place at one time.

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One Response to The Reality of Shopping in Morocco

  1. Kelly Cook says:

    In Rabat you could go to Label-Vie. It’s about 6 blocks from Amideast going west toward the ocean and one block south. Too late now I guess, but maybe next time.

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