The past few weeks with my four year old host brother has me thinking about the cultural perception of children as blessings. Although he is a little spoiled (understatement of the century) his family treats him as though he is an angel sit down from the heavens. To his family he is blessing and they treat him as such.

It’s wonderful to see but at the same time but,  thinking about our discussions about the fates of “illegitimate” children in Moroccan society I can’t help but wonder why all children aren’t considered a blessing. Additionally I find myself thinking about whether class can change “legitimacy” and additionally how children change status from a blessing  to burden based on class. Our host mother told us that she pays 1000 dh a month for her son’s bus fees to his private school. Knowing that she makes about 60dh a day, it seems that the sheer cost of maintaing a child in Morocco serves to deter the population from having multiple children.


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