A Check Off My Bucket List!

I got to check an item off my bucket list this weekend on our way back from Fez. I never thought that it would be something that I would do in Africa either. My focus in religious studies and history is ancient paganism and early Christianity, so seeing Roman ruins in person was high on my priority list.
We stopped at a place called Volubilis, which are the oldest (according to Moroccans) Roman ruins outside of Rome. I was wondering why Rome would ever want to have a city so far into Africa, assuming the stereotype of African landscapes, that it would be dry, and desert-like. However, as we were driving in it was obvious that this area was anything but that. It was very green and had a lot of trees….and it was amazing to see. Here you could walk right up to, or in my case, climb up on the ruins. (Even though I’m terrified of heights I had to climb up the huge arch…I mean when else are you going to be at Roman ruins that you can climb on) According to our professor a lot of places like this you can’t get that close or touch them.
There were also very intact and upkept mosaics, including a rather large one of Hercules’ Labors. There was even an aquaduct that ran through the city and what seemed like an old Roman jacuzzi shown to my roommate by a local she happened to run into while walking around. The city was huge and seemed to never end as we were walking around. It was weird though as we walked through, on, and climbed up on the ruins here to think that almost 1200-1300 years ago people were living there.

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