Pharmacist that makes house calls?!

Before we left for Fez I wanted to make sure I would have every thing I could possibly need for a weekend away from my home away from home. I stopped at the pharmacy on the first floor of our apartment to get glucose. I can have issues with my blood sugar dropping and becoming disorientated and generally not feeling well. I asked the pharmacist for the glucose tablets I would normally get at Walgreens back in the States and she explained in as much english as she knew that she only had the gel packs. I have had them before and they work fine. I paid her and went off to get my hair done and have dinner. In the middle of dinner our host brother ran in to the apartment asking to see me … with the pharmacist in tow! She looked panicked and asked if I had taken the glucose yet. I hadn’t but of course at this point I was panicking too! She thought I miss understood what they were for and that I needed actual medicine for diabetes and it occurred to her on her way home that I could have been sick, so she turned around, found out host brother and came to check on me. I set her mind at ease and thanked her a dozen times.
That is service!

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