Halfway there.

It is our last week in Rabat. I realize how fast the first 2 weeks have flown by, and I worry how fast the next two will as well. There are things that I have fallen in love with, learned to love, and things that I have a love hate relationship. When we get back to Milwaukee I wonder how I will readjust to life. I love the tajine and home cooked meals almost every night. I am spoiled by our host mother who, no matter what we say, insists on doing our laundry. I will miss the sound of the different calls to prayer going off just a little off set from one another, it’s such a part of our life here. It’s nice to have a communal sound that makes you stop for a second. On some level I might even miss the stupid rooster outside of our bedroom window that doesn’t seem to know 2:45am from 8:09pm from dawn.
I am still not acclimated to Dirhams, but that is more a reflection on my poor math skills than the currency system- but I know once I get back to Milwaukee I will constantly have to remember that $10 is not really a $1.12. I will miss the ease and abundance of little blue taxis, but not fearing for my life every time they drive up on the curb to get around another car or come zipping around the corner while I am walking. Rabat has been a fun city to get to know. I can’t wait to see what adventure lies in the mountains!

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