Fez Medina

Hey nice butt
Mule here 
Beauty there
Watch out for that puddle! 
Cell after independent cell 
Winding round over and up
Boys crowd around a single television 
Next door a single chair with a man half shaved 
All the like, hissing “spice girls” 
120,000 residents
2 to 1 cat ratio residing
The fez medina is crowded and something only to be experienced. I’m not sure where else you can buy you eggs, chickens, breast meat, and kabobs all together. Aside from the random assortment of people and goods, the medina offers some hidden historical gems. The madrasa, or previous school/dorm/place of prayer is one such gem which has been renovated and now maintained over the years. Now simply a stop on many tours, the architecture and history of this area is more than worthy of attention. Similarly, an old trading post slash travel lodge now museum is a lovely sight and example of successful renovation. The artifacts are displayed by category along the three floors with a drink stop and breathtaking view available on the roof. 
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