Fés-The medieval city

Fés-The medieval city

My favorite city trip thus far was to Fés. Founded in the 9th century, it’s a beautiful mixture of modern and medevial architecture. The picture above is of the famous leather tanneries located in the Medina-which while beautiful, smelled horrific.

I’ve never been too concerned with the use or wearing of leather, but seeing how the leather products were made in real life was a bit disgusting, and I may be reconsidering my love for leather purses after this trip…

Walking into the medina was a bit like time traveling. It is still grouped by profession-butchers in one area, metalsmiths in another, and seamstresses working for commission out of small stands. Large doors still stand that are wide and tall enough for men on horseback to enter without dismounting. Women peer down from beautifully decorated windows at the loud Americans traipsing through the streets.

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