Fez-tastic/End of Rabat

Fez-tastic may be a little misleading.

This past weekend we went to Fez – which was a much needed change of pace, but I’m not sure we were ready for the intensity of the medina.  I can say for the first time since I’ve been here I felt the heat that I was expecting – which I really liked (although I was clearly the only one who had this sentiment… understandably).  The excitement of the city was thrilling and enthralling, had we not been constantly reminded that we were foreigners in the medina it woud have been quite easy to get lost in the windy, never-ending roads of old city and to have the feeling of almost complete insiginifcance that you get in a huge city like New York or Chicago.  We, of course, were always aware of our surroundings and were unable to blend into the masses that way as we wre constantly called “the spice girls,” and getting questions like, “do you need a husband?”

(Class is starting so this will have to be continued after class).

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One Response to Fez-tastic/End of Rabat

  1. Kelly Cook says:

    Yeah one unfortunate thing in Morocco is, when it comes to women ,especially foreign, Moroccan men are rather socially inept and think that kind of behavior is OK. It’s sloooooowly changing but in places like Fez, it’s slow changing.

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