What I Will Miss Most About Rabat

I figured after being in a country where I didn’t know any of the language coming in and being in a homestay for three weeks I would be more than ready to leave.  That is definately not the case.  There are a few things I will really miss about this place.  First of all, I will (oddly) miss the connections me and my roommate made with a few of the shopkeepers in the medina.  There are places back in the states I shop at all the time and I could not tell you anything about the workers, and I know they don’t remember me, but here it’s different.  We came back to and bought a large amount of our souvenirs and gifts from one little cul-de-sac type area in the medina because of two of the workers there.  One was a little old man who insisted on helping up with our Darija everytime we came, and asked what new words we had learned since the last time we saw him.  The other was a younger guy who was excited to hear about the US and about our Darija classes because he knew about AMIDEAST and was interested in taking english classes there.  The big thing was that weren’t pushy, and we didn’t always buy things, but they didn’t care.  There was also a guy who I bought my bracelet from the first day who was so excited that I knew like three words of Darija and was super nice, and so I went back to him too.  The local people here seem to do that too.  Our host mom has a guy she buys her beans from who she calls “the man with the kitten.”  And when we got to him he had a kitten on his lap and sold only beans.

I will also really miss the family I’m staying with right now.  Our mom is so nice.  She is always excited to see us.  However, I will not miss “Coolee, coolee!” (Eat, eat!)  She works so hard around the house all day, but still when we come home she wants to sit up with us and try to help with our Arabic and French and hear about our day.  I will also miss our host brothers. One picked on us a lot, but it was fun.  The other was very interested in our time here (he doesn’t live there, so we only saw him a few times) and what we though about the country and America.  We may get to see them all again though, because the older brother is applying to UWM for the PhD program in bio-informatics!  So hopefully we can all stay in touch!

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