The Berber community

My group and I were in a small rural Berber community for the past 5 days. It was an amazing experience since everyone in the village was so kind and respectful towards us.  The Sheik and his family, who we stayed with, were also very welcoming and fun. Although staying in the Berber village was great, it was obvious that there is hardship amongst the people. A main problem that many villagers discussed with us during interviews was the lack of roads and infrastructure. The lack of roads in the village we stayed in and other surroundings ones led to the youth not being able to attend high school and a lack of access to hospitals. In the village we stayed at there were no paved pathways. Any place you wanted to go in the village involved some form of a hike and it was quite exhausting. The pathways are completely inaccessible to the elderly, disabled and pregnant women. Although staying in the Berber community was an amazing experience, it was also very humbling to see the hardships people go through everyday.  

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One Response to The Berber community

  1. Mona says:

    it is 2013 and Amazigh people still suffer and ask for basics: roads, hopistals, schools… few things that guarantee decent standards of living. it is hart breaking as a moroccan i dont think this will ever change. it has always been their case since independence.

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