The drive to Zawia Ahansal was an experience. I never noticed I was afraid of heights until we turned the corners at 1000’s of feet above sea level. Looking out the window was a mistake. But arriving to our home for the week was well worth it. Sitting outside on the “deck” next to main door was breathtaking. Leaning over slightly to see the mountains was a feeling I will never forget. I experienced a sense of calming. We were surrounded by mother nature at her finest. Everyone here has been very welcoming. Especially the Shikh and his wife. 20 complete strangers in their home and they welcomed us with open arms and wonderful food! The nights here are calming. We saw the super-moon on Monday and while it was a hike to see its rise, it was very much appreciated. Though after hearing the cries from wild dogs, we all rushed back to the house and stayed inside. The famly has a very young daughter, her name is Sadia. If you ask her Schnu Smitik? She will respond with a name song she came up with on her own. She loves the attention and loves dancing! In fact one morning she woke up saying her hips hurt from dancing so much! Our last night in Zawia was full of a fantastic feast followed by great music and dance. I had no idea what I was singing, but I could not stop smiling!


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