Chez Nous C’est Chez Vous: Home Away From Home

For the next several weeks, I have a new family.

I was not sure what to expect, having never had a home stay experience prior to now. But from our first meeting, my time with my host family has been quite nice.

I have a new mother, and father, brother and sister too! Though this is my first time living with a host family, they are no strangers to welcoming and hosting foreigners as they have been hosting students from all over the world for the past 7 years! Both our parents are professors, which is likely beneficial for us as they are quite patient as we attempt to repeat various phrases we’ve picked up thus far. That said, Winnie and myself have found it fortunate that we understand some French as this has been the major means of communicating with them prior to our first class in Darija (Moroccan Colloquial Arabic). Overall our family is quite lingual: Our parents speak Arabic, Darija, Spanish, Tamazight, and French. Ziad speaks Arabic, Darija, French, and English.

Perhaps what made me feel most welcome was our mother’s comment framed with a warm smile as she toured us around our temporary abode: chez nous c’est chez vous. With the little French I remember, this was enough to make our first full day in Morocco quite a memorable one!


About obamkole

I'm a package filled with God's goodness, the love of my family and friends, and the promise of a happy, fulfilled life.
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One Response to Chez Nous C’est Chez Vous: Home Away From Home

  1. Aikay says:

    Nice blog Omoshalewa. Im glad you are enjoying Morroco and at the same time learning. Hope to learn from you when you get back home.

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