Lunch with felines

After our morning Arabic lessons, Jenny and I went walking around by ourselves to find change for our bigger bills and grab lunch.  The cafe we ate at yesterday wasn’t so great so we wanted to avoid anything like that.  We ended up walking by a restaurant that smelled amazing, and they had roasting chickens and shawarma for all to see right by the sidewalk.  While walking around to the entrance, I almost stepped on a little kitten.  We sat down and began looking at the menu, which looked pretty good.  All of a sudden Jen jumped a bit, and I looked down to see a one-eyed cat, poor fella.  We were soon visited by a couple more cats throughout the meal who were begging for food.  I decided we must have made a good choice in dining if all the cats wanted some!  I wanted to feed them some bits of my brochettes de poulet et viande hachee so badly, but I doubt the restaurant staff would have appreciated it… I can’t stop wanting to go take care of all these stray cats we continually come across, but for now it’s just a pipe dream.

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