Diminished Poison

I’m not quite sure where to begin. However, the thing I am most greatful for so far is the slight relinquish of my stagnation. It’s very strange for me to be living in a house with a family. So far everything has been almost too nice. Or maybe it falls into my pit of learned helplessness. It took a moment for me to feel comfortable around the house and especially around the city. Though not complete, I feel more satiated. Already, I have seen and felt things that are too amazing. Sometimes it seems insurmountable. For example, the sunset on the beach to me is just sensory overload. I can look at it and feel unwarily placid or it just makes me feel like I am going to explode. I think I have difficulties of being aware of what I have in my life and the appreciation that comes from it. It’s difficult to think about, let alone express it. I feel good though. The music festivals have been joyous, the friends I have met have been very welcoming, and the family has been present and caring. There’s something inside of me and the catharsis will save me.

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