Adopted by a Moroccan family

During the welcome session at AMIDEAST on 6/2, I learned that Dylan and I would be staying with a host family with 2 brothers, a sister and the parents. Never before have I been at a homestay; I was apprehensive.

It took me a few days to get accustomed to my new family and home. My host mother does not speak English, and I have been trying out some Darija with her. Oral communication often breaks down; but it is surprising that a lot can be conveyed through smiles and gestures. Fortunately, the rest of the family is conversant in English and there is no shortage for interpreters. Learning Darija is turning out to be a big struggle, but I am making some progress.

My host mother is considered to be the “best mom” and she cooks the best Moroccan food. I am falling in love with Tagine, Harira and the other dishes. I should take a crash course in cooking before the end of the trip!

Also, special thanks to all the classmates who are playing a big part in shaping this unique experience.

I cannot believe that I have already spent a week in Morocco. I wish time would slow down. Stay tuned for More about Rabat in the next post.

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