Fun at Rabat

The first week at Rabat was fun. In the midst of keeping up with all the readings, practicing Darija and having fun at Mawazine, medina and the beach, sleep was the only casualty. Shukran, Qahwa (Thank you, coffee).

At Mawazine (Rhythms), the annual international music festival in Rabat, I went to performances by Stromae, Fatoumata Diawara and Ebo Taylor. Although the artists and languages were alien to me, I enjoyed the music. It was interesting to observe that the attire of the crowd included modern outfits as well burqas and hijabs. Moroccans from all walks of life do enjoy their music.

On Saturday, Prof. Amster guided us through an historical tour of Rabat. The highlight of the tour was the cookies and the Moroccan mint tea we had at the cafe in Kasbah and the aimless wandering through the streets of the medina. On Sunday we visited the beach. I ended up forgetting my swimsuit and borrowing one from a vendor at the beach 🙂 I wish I had learned swimming as a child. And thanks to my dark skin, I don’t have any major sunburns unlike the rest of the group!

And yesterday, I introduced my family to my host family via some photographs and videos from facebook. As expected, my two year old niece was the center of attraction. “Mashallah!”

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