No Expectations

Nothing goes as planned, ever. I always go into new experience without expectations. I find it’s the best to not have expectations to meet, it’s much less likely for me to be disappointed. Reflecting back on my first week, I thought I would never find myself at an Alicia Keys concert at a music festival in Morocco. Much less hanging out with some locals with a classmate at the Medina.

Experiencing a country for what it is rather than how it may seem to a complete outsider is what defines a traveling for me. I’d much rather stay with locals than at a hotel. I’d rather eat street food then run to the local McDonalds, or as they call it here McDou. Although I have nothing against visiting tourist spots as long as is kept to a minimum.

Anyways . . . back to the music festival. Known as the Mawazine here in Morocco, the last night I found myself with some classmates, their host brothers, and friends. I was surrounded by locals of all kinds. Unlike the typical festival crowd, there were people ranging from the elderly to kids and everything in between. Despite not being a huge fan of Alicia Keys, I had an amazing time. For me, it’s not always where I am and what I’m doing but rather the people  I’m with that make my life an experience worth remembering.

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