Option 3: Forget Rabat, Spend the Next Week in Fes

Fes, Fes, Fes, Fes, Fes! Oh wondrous, great and glorious Fes. Honest medieval city, center of resistance and strength, holy city of Sufi saints, and most importantly, big enough to get lost in. This past weekend in Fes was a welcome break from Rabat. Rabat is a lovely city, very laid back and chill, but sometimes I feel like I am getting a little stoop-shouldered here. As I mentioned earlier, I am, unfortunately, a tourist, with limited communication and access to events. After the milieu of trips to the tourist sites, beach, and medina, the question of what next? arises. Fes is a much larger city than Rabat, and among the teeming population of this city, it’s very easy to feel anonymous (which I miss in Rabat). This weekend to Fes was the break I needed, to see something new, get lost in a crowd, and do a little shopping. In Fes, we had a lovely tour of the old Medina with Dr. Nahid, who gave us a fascinating lecture on the purpose and utility of the medieval architecture in Fes. My favorite place is the Bou Inania Madrasa, which I firmly believe should be used as a template for all universities and schools. I especially liked the bit that Dr. Amster translated for us from the calligraphy decorating the walls: “I am the seat of learning, so come on inside”. Well? What are you waiting for? I’m certainly not going to disobey it.

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