Exceeding expectations

I didn’t know much about morocco before I came here apart from the bits that Professor Amster filled us in on prior to departure. My thoughts and opinions were based on stereotypes, I was just another ignorant tourist . Although some of those stereotypes hold true in older more traditional parts of Morocco, living in Rabat is absolutely nothing as I imagined. Rabat is much more of a western culture. They have stores with fashions similar to the fashion back home. There’s a McDonalds located less than a mile from our house. Traffic in Rabat is even worse than in Milwaukee; cars pack the streets, horns are always honking, cars are parked on the sidewalks. It’s crazy. Trying to cross the street is like playing a game of Frogger. Rabat even has a tram way. One of the things that was most surprising to me was the Mauwazine. On our first day in Rabat, I was absolutely stunned to here about this huge music festival. There are many stages throughout Rabat. Each stage features a different type of music. The main, international stage featured artists like Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Ne-yo, Ricky Martin, and Jason Derulo. The best part, all of these concerts are free. The first day, our neighbor took us to see Strome at the main stage. I now know that Strome is a popular, progressive French EDM artist. There were so many people at the concert, I never imagined I’d see anything like that in Morocco. Later in the week, we went to a different stage that played African music. There weren’t as many people but I was really impressed with the music. One thing that is for sure is that Moroccans definitely have some unique dance moves. And the hippies….thinking about it now, it shouldn’t be a big surprise, there are different kinds of people everywhere you go. However, seeing this group of old and young deadheads jamming to the African music initially took me off guard. Of course some of the stuff we have learned is surprising as well, but I’ll have to save that for another blog.

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