On Rabat

Rabat, like other Moroccan cities have two parts; the pre-colonial Medina and Ville Nouvelle or the new city, developed by the French. We are staying in Agdal, which is the center of action in Ville Nouvelle. This neighborhood is comparable to the ones in European cities. The Medina, which is half an hour by foot from Agdal is reminiscent of the flea markets of Mumbai and Delhi and you can find many shops selling a variety of goods like jewelry, clothes, teapots, leather, traditional musical instruments and woodwork. I used the first few visits to the medina for getting a hang of the place. Over the last couple of days, I have bought a few gifts for you folks back home!

Cafe Balima at Rabat is a good hangout place. It is impossible not to meet one of Brian’s friends at this cafe. Also, there is this nut seller out who thinks that I look like Obama 🙂 And then there are those water sellers. I bet they make more money posing for photographs rather than selling water.

Water Seller

Many Moroccans know more about Bollywood than me. Shah Rukh Khan is easily the favorite Bollywood star in Rabat; at least ten different Moroccans have talked about Shah Rukh Khan on learning that I am Indian.


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