It’s our nineteenth day in Rabat, only two days left here. When we first arrived, I felt tremendously out of place. I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t know how things worked or how to communicate with anyone. It didn’t help that I was really sick for a couple of my first days here. Without surprise, it took me awhile to get adjusted to life here, but now I find myself not wanting to leave. I’ve had so many incredible experiences here and have met so many great people. Three weeks in Rabat is simply not enough.
On the other hand, I am getting incredibly anxious to head to Zawiya Ahansal! I don’t have much for expectations, but I hope that it’ll be a little more hands-on field work. Next week, we will be doing a lot more activities that I’m interested in pursuing in the future. We will get to talk and interact with members of the rural villages and NGOs and get a deeper understanding of daily life and problems there. This years community health topic that we will focus on is nutrition which I am extremely excited for. Also, the people of Zawiya Ahansal are primarily Berber which means another entirely foreign language. Luckily, this time we will have some translators with us! I can’t wait for yet another new experience up in the mountains!

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