Daily life

This morning in Darija we had to describe our daily routine which has inspired this post! Daily life here in my home stay is way different than my daily life back in Milwaukee, and much for the better. We have class every morning at 9 am. I usually get up and get ready for class, but before I go to class I sit down and have breakfast, which is already prepared for me! Then we have 3 hours of Darija which can be very fun some days and other days can be incredibly confusing and frustrating. We get a 2-3 hour lunch break before our afternoon lecture. I usually venture to some local restaurant with some of my classmates. We found this place called Zumba which is so delicious and so cheap! My absolute favorite thing there is Avocado juice with almonds blended in. Today I got my juice and a chicken sandwich for 27 dirham, which is about $3.50, and I was stuffed! We usually have some extra time to walk around, shop, or do some homework. Our afternoons have consisted of lectures my Professor Amster as well as guest lectures and site visits. After class, usually around 5:30, we have time to ourselves. We’ve made several trips to the medina, the ocean, and to many cafés. I try to be home by 9 because my family serves me dinner around 9:30-10. Everything is prepared for me and absolutely delicious! The routine is to sit down, have several courses of food, while watching a cheesy soap opera. Also, another perk, my host mother does my laundry for me and I don’t even have to ask! It is going to be hard going back home; no more home-cooked meals prepared for me, no one doing my laundry, and no more soap operas for dinner entertainment.

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