This weekend we took a trip to Fez. A nice, hot trip to Fez. The van that took us there has no air conditioning or windows that could open.  So even though Fez itself it quite hot, it wasn’t that bad once we could get out of the van. Before we departed, we were told that we would have to stay together because the medina is like a labyrinth, and I thought “how bad could it be?” It is very much like a labyrinth and I could not imagine having navigated it without our awesome guides.  The medina was everything I had hoped for, you feel like you are really stepping a back in time with the way it is laid out, the pack animals passing by through narrow corridors- which were originally sized to allow two camels to pass by in the street.  We visited two madrasahs, boarding school which are no longer in use.  The students that lived there in the past lived in small chambers which enclosed the open roofed courtyard. They lived simple lives, studying all day and receiving a piece of bread through a slot in their door once a day.  We also got to see a tannery, which smelled not so awesome, but the image of all the die pools was unforgettable. Fez also included excellent shopping opportunities, and I would love to go back to help support their local economy!

On Sunday, we spent more time in the Fez medina, and then left for Volubilis on our way back to Rabat.  Volubilis is a Roman city, predating Islam in Morocco.  The location thus provided a stopping place for Idriss the first to begin building his empire.  Getting to jump around ancient Roman ruins was an exciting way to end our weekend jaunt.  The drive back consisted of several of us playing ridiculous games such as I spy and 20 questions.  After the heat of the weekend I think we were beginning to get a little slap happy, because we had more fun with it than we probably should have! (So… What do you call tar mixed with rocks again, Cherin?) All in all I loved Fez, even with the heat! Oh and I almost forgot, we had CAMEL BURGERS.  Yea, that’s right, camel.

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One Response to Fez!

  1. mom says:

    Wish I could have visited Fez. How beautifully you told your story. Camel burgers?? Really?

    I like the one piece of bread per day. Thats how school should be hahahaha

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