Hammam a l’ocean

This past Monday was our only rest day in Rabat, so it seemed like the obvious day to go to the hammam.  We thought we’d do a whole girls trip, but it ended up being just Kavya, Winnie, and myself which was better in the long run for the one we went to.  We were not sure where to go, so I asked my host mother and sister for a recommendation, and my sister said she would take us to a Turkish one.  They seemed to prefer that over a traditional Moroccan one because it is more private, and in their minds that equates to being more sanitary.  When we arrived we found that they would not be able to accommodate us until 2:00, so we walked around to kill some time. When they were ready for us, we were led downstairs and directed to strip down.  Then we went into a steamy room with tiled walls.  Here we took turns being covered in a blend of henna, oil, and herbs. Oddly enough they had music playing which consisted of the “Gangman style” song and some song about diamonds by Rhianna… I couldn’t hold in my laughter at that point. The next step was exfoliation- I have never seen so much skin come off of a body before!  We were directed with gestures to then rinse and wash our hair, and then again took turns laying down where we then got lathered up and massaged.  The last step in the process is to completely rinse off.  While I thought I was doing a good job, the hammam lady took the shower nozzle from me and rinsed me off as though I was a little baby who does not know how to wash themselves, pushing and pulling me to turn me around, reaching all my areas until I had no soap and ground herbs remaining on my body. Post hammam, I felt extremely soft and brand new.  There is no spa in America that equals this, I wish I would have gone more.  All this was only 100dh, which equates to about $13.00 US.  Beats a $120 massage at a fancy spa back home any day.

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One Response to Hammam a l’ocean

  1. mom says:

    WOW baby bath 🙂 love u!

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