Randoms: Cafe Clock: Hidden Treasures, Ex-Pat’s Dream

What does one do after several hours of exploring the Fez medina in near 100° degree weather? Duck into an alley leading to a smaller corridor that turns into an even tinier passage which lands you in front of a doorway to a welcomed respite, that’s what!

If I recall correctly, Cafe Clock is another restored riad (home with central courtyard) which is another one of the hidden treasures of Fez. I’m not sure how long the establishment has been running, but it has bits of funkiness that likely make it a destination-must for young Moroccans, tourists, and expat’s alike. Entering the cafe was like entering into some modern bohemian eclectic world, especially in contrast to the hustle and bustling nature of the medina outside.

The cafe is famous for its camel burgers and iced mint lemonade, but the menu had quite a range of options including more than a few vegetarian selections and several all-day breakfast choices. Since I’m all for ftor (that’s breakfast in Darija), I had pancakes with fresh fruit, topped with a caramelized banana sauce and paired it with a banana milkshake–delish!

We ate our lunch on the second level of this three story labyrinthian establishment in a cozy area which doubled as a library and computer cafe. Included in the collection was Rachel Dratch’s “Girl Walks into a Bar” and “The Beautiful People’s Diet Book” by Luciana Avedon. Though I didn’t take the time to flip through the books, I did enjoy our brief visit to Cafe Clock: relaxed atmosphere, good food, and great company.



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