Farewell, Rabat

Our final day, days even, in Rabat left me feeling bittersweet with a few tears in my eyes.  Our fist week seemed to go by at an average pace, with most of us just getting acquainted with the ins and outs of life there.  Then all of a sudden, time began to fly.  Monday was suddenly Thursday, and then it was Monday again. What happened?!  In an attempt to get all I could out of Rabat during my final week, I went cafe hopping to watch the World Cup games, wandered the medina, and hung out on the rocks of Rabat beach as much as possible.  On our last night, the bulk of our group went to the cafe at the Kasbah one last time for almond cookies and mint tea, followed by one last walk to the beach for the sunset.  That last sunset was perfect, not hampered whatsoever by clouds.

I will miss Rabat.  I will miss my host family, who were so incredibly welcoming to us and who had a blast with the little instruments I would bring home from the market.  I will miss mint tea with too much sugar and espresso accompanied by giant sugar cubes.  I will miss the new friends that were made and hope to be able to return for future visits (reunion anyone?).  I will miss the insane traffic that always managed to make me laugh in the morning, which is not an easy feat as I’m usually rather grumpy.  Banana juice, avocado juice, almond juice.  The fast rhythm I found to navigate and cruise through the medina.  Gauloises.  Being ten minutes by foot from the Atlantic Ocean, giving me the ability to go watch the sunset over the massive expanse of water whenever I wanted. Tajines, couscous, eating out of a communal family dish with chunks of bread and my hands.  Delicious, fresh melons not available in the US for dessert every night. People watching at cafés, where one can sit for hours relaxing having ordered only one drink… I’m sure in the coming days more will come to mind but for now I must say “Goodnight and farewell, Rabat.”

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