I used the 3 hour lunch break on Thursday (6/19) to visit the Marassa Hammam at Bab el had as per the recommendation of my host brother. At the Hammam, I bought lkhees (scrubber) and sabon baldi (Moroccan soap, in the form of a black paste). I was alone at the Hammam and it was quite a struggle to communicate with the guy at the counter.

In the dressing room, I stripped down to my underwear before proceeding to the 3 steam rooms. In the first room, there is a large tank of hot water. The worker at the Hammam used a bucket of hot water to clean a section of the warm mosaic floor for me. I lay down on the floor for around 10 minutes before the bath. The assistant poured some hot water on me before applying sabon all over me and scrubbing me with lkhees. I lost many layers of dead skin (spaghetti, as my host brother calls it) in the process. This was followed by more hot water and a full body massage. Overall, I spent around an hour at the hammam.Out of the Hammam, I felt like a new person, with delicate soft skin.

If I had visited the Hammam earlier, I would have gone back a second time!

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