The week in Zawiya

The drive from Rabat to Zawiya was completed in two days. The first day, we drove down to Beni Mellal and then the next day from Beni Mellal to the Sheikh’s house in Zawiya. Thankfully, the weather in Zawiya was not as bad as usual. Although the temperatures were high, the wind in the mountains helped us. The only bad thing about this place is the abundance of dust.

We spend the five days in the mountains to conduct a community health needs assessment. We interviewed folks working at various NGOs. As there are no paved roads to many villages around Zawiya, we spent a lot of time hiking. On 6/24, we hiked 6 miles to Taghia. Although a few of us suffered minor injuries during the hike, we had an awesome time. We were accompanied by a crew who set up tents and cooked delicious meals. We played soccer at the camp site and also interviewed the President of an Association (NGO) in Taghia.


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