The beauty of Zawiya Ahansal

After spending 5 days at the Sheik’s house in Zawiya Ahansal, I did not want to leave. First off, it was absolutely gorgeous! We stayed in the middle of the mountains there was a stream that flowed at the bottom of the mountain that the kids would play in and the women would wash clothes in. We held one of our interviews in this stunning hotel; you wouldn’t find anything like it in the states.
Every person that you passed on the trail would smile and greet you with ‘Salam’, also something that you wouldn’t see in Milwaukee. We spent a day tutoring the students there and it was amazing. These young kids know more languages than I do! They were so excited to learn, they payed attention and listened to us. They were excellent students to work with. There were also two little girls that lived at the Sheik’s house that were absolutely adorable. I spent most of my free time playing with them. They were always running around outside making their own entertainment out of whatever they could. I didn’t look like they had any toys, but that didn’t stop them. One of the girls made an empty bottle of cleaner into a bat and played a sort of baseball with that and our soccer ball.
I definitely would like to make my way back to Zawiya Ahansal some day.

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