Overly touristy in Marrakech

After our time in the mountains, we had one day left and that was for Marrakech. We had gotten the lowdown about how touristy this city is, etc, etc, and that was true. This was also our last opportunity for buying souvenirs so off to the Jmma al Fnna we went, to play the role of the tourists we were in the short time we had and try to decipher which shops to buy from in the grand scheme of Marrakech. I stocked up on scarves, henna, a teapot, and some other random trinkets to bring back for my family (even though I thought I’d bought enough already…), and we also went to grab dinner. I had my last tagine from a terrace in Maarakech! That was a sad moment for me, I’m going to have to try and recreate the stew-like dish from home, sans the actual cookware. Then it was back into the square, to let the blatant tourism continue. I took pictures with monkeys (one of which we had previously witnessed trying to escape), one little guy and one bigger guy. They were very cute, but it was also sad to see them on leashes being yanked around and given a swift kick when misbehaving. The bigger monkey gave very big hugs as if to say “take me with you!” I also took some pictures with a snake by the snake charmers, and I was more nervous than I thought I would be. Maybe it was the fact that these were poisonous snakes, even though I knew the fangs and venom were probably removed, that I just couldn’t shake. When I thought it was over, the snake handler grabbed the snakes head and placed it on my hands and then my face for good luck, which I was not expecting and jumped a bit when he put it on my face. The amount of European tourists is a bit overwhelming, but we were doing the same things, and I guess who can blame them. They want to see a beautiful country and go somewhere warm, pretty standard. The next morning we continued with the tourist game, sightseeing and for the grand finale to the trip we all went on a camel ride! The end 🙂

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