Marrakech was the last stop in our journey, besides the few hours in Cassablanca before we flew out. After being in Zawiya Ahansal for 5 days, Marrakech was a big surprise. We had just spent days in an extremely remote part of Morocco, very rural and isolated, and then we straight to to Marrakech which is a HUGE city for European tourists. These two cities couldn’t be more different. The streets of Marrakech were lined with vendors– food, toys, clothing, whatever you could imagine. The shop owners in the suk marked prices up 3 or 4 times their value for tourists. I must say though, Cherin, Maggie, Jennie, and I did pretty well for ourselves in the suk- we eventually learned to beginning the bargaining at about a quarter of the original price that they are asking for. We went to dinner and I had my most expensive meal yet, which was yet another chicken tagine. All of the restaurants around seemed pretty pricey though, which I am going to blame on fact that it is a tourist city. When we went out at night, there were street performers everywhere, food vendors were still out, and the park was filled horse carriages. The streets were crowed and smelth TERRIBLE. I don’t know how everyone was tolerating that smell! We didn’t stay out very long. Needless to stay, Marrakech was most definitely not my favorite stop on our journey.

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