The Kindness of Strangers

Even though I found the attention of strangers to be unnecessary and annoying, strangers can be quite the opposite. As I found in my last night in Morocco in Marrakech people can be as kind as you let them. My day in Marrakech began with exploring the Medina with a couple of friends. I was on the search for a few last minute souvenirs for myself and friends back home. Shopkeepers are constantly beckoning to tourists to enter their shops with promises of the best prices and goods. I found myself in a ceramics shop bargaining with a shopkeeper. Despite his need to get a sale and the best price for both me and him, his friendliness was prevalent. He asked me and my friends about why we were in Morocco and where we were from.

The main square in Marrakech during the day is crowded with snake charmers, men with monkeys, and old women beckoning to tourists with their offers of henna. And suddenly as sun came down the square transformed into a maze of outdoor restaurants. Spending my last night with a couple of classmates and having dinner the middle of the night seemed like the perfect way to end my time in Morocco. Not only was I with my friends but we made conversation with locals who worked at the restaurant we ate at. It was almost strange to me how friendly they were but it was a reminder of how all the Moroccan locals I’ve met have welcomed me with open arms. It seemed fitting my last night was the same.


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