Pleasantly Surprised

Before leaving for Morocco, we were given a brief background about Morocco, their culture, and certain things to expect. One of the main things that we discussed was appropriate clothing to insure we were respectful and to draw less attention to ourselves. We would already stand out enough as international students. I pictured walking down the street and not being able to see any exposed skin and having men constantly trying to talk to our group of girls.

I was a little shocked at the relatively small number of people with their hair covered and the large proportion of people wearing t-shirts and tight jeans.

For the few days I don’t recall any men trying to approach me. During our orientation they said that it would be quite constant, so I was pleasantly surprised at how well mannered the men were. After the first few days there were a few occasions when a male would say something, but generally, if you simply walked passed or said salam (the equivalent of hello) and continued walking then there was no issue. The people who have been approaching us the most are those living on the street asking for money or those selling things. This wasn’t a focus when we discussed the things we would encounter when walking on the streets so I felt a bit uncomfortable at first, but discovered it’s best just to ignore them.

Overall I feel surprisingly safe when walking down the street and the first few days have been great!

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