10:1 … A very uneven ratio

Always expect the unexpected. I’m a risk taker so when I go venture out to do something new, I tend to be surprised with happens next. This trip was no exception.

On the first day of class, I was the only one. I realized I was the only garçon on this trip. Well… not really. A couple days after I was told I was accepted int
o this interdisciplinary field course, Dr. Amster had informed me I would be the only boy. Not only was I surprised but I was a bit saddened as to why this situation had occurred.


Regardless of this outcome, I collected my thoughts and realized everything was going to be okay. I mean — which guy wouldn’t wanna be in another country travelling with 10 other beautiful women. It was perhaps a dream come true or something out of a comedy or chick flick.

Thirteen days into this trip, I don’t regret coming. Kelly Wu, a Health Sciences student at McMaster University said “No Comment but LOL” when asked about her thought on me being the only male. Lily Park, another Health Sciences student at McMaster University said “This guy is gonna find a wife on this trip”. Who knows?

There is only 17 days left so I’ll try to make the most out of what’s to come. Even if that means I’ll be getting married near the end.

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