INWI or Rogers

What a steal! I only had to spend around $15CAD in order to purchase a data plan for my phone, which included 10GB of Internet access (I don’t know what 10GB means but apparently it can last you a century, and Lily can survive with 150MB or something crazy like that for a month) and 200 free minutes of national calls (Shewit impressed another INWI salesperson, and was gifted 200 free minutes of international calls because she impressed him with her Arabic). After the long process of signing a phone contract that involved us emailing the store salesperson our passport copies (unlike Erin, the four of us were dumb and didn’t have our paper copies on hand) and taping our sim cards up, I finally had data! However, once Liisbet and I got home we realized that the signal was horrendous, and not even our data could get us decent connection. I can’t even load my Instagram, but messenger works really well… Basically, to sum up this experience: a data plan is cheap, but if you live in Kebibat maybe another phone carrier is better. Additionally, if you don’t have good connection and access to Facebook, you won’t receive an invitation to play bingo with Lily and Mahisha the following day. Lucky me, Uwais and others bailed so they happily adopted me into their host family for the day. If you want to find out about what happened at bingo, stay tuned for Blog 2!

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