Moroccan schools are cool

Lily and Mahisha’s host mom is the director of a school, and they were hosting a fundraiser for children with Down syndrome. This event was located in Sale, which is just next to Rabat. On our drive to the school, I noticed the nicely paved roads and beautiful buildings that lined the sidewalks. To my surprise, Rabat is actually quite developed. I would learn later that evening that the citizens of Sale are less conservative than in Rabat, or at least at that school they were. Many of the students spoke English, which I thought was very impressive as it was less common to find in Rabat. They also dress quite like how we do back in Canada. Many of them had iPhones and we could also relate to their daily social media habits such as Snapchat and Facebook. The students at this school are extremely charming, clever and inquisitive! I had a wonderful time that evening playing many rounds of bingo until Lily, Mahisha and I finally each won prizes: olive oil, jams and this secret valuable doll (I’m a bit anxious about why this doll is so important, and who it used to belong to as it was donated as part of the last owner’s collection). We talked to a few students that night, and I felt very comfortable in their presence as they were welcoming and relatable. Although they were only just young teenagers (13+), they seemed driven and passionate about their education and their community. They also watch the same TV shows and listen to the same music as we do! I have much to learn from Moroccans!

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