Noir & Blanc

Food has always been an essential piece when travelling to different places around the world. Learning about traditions and culture of a country can be taught through food and the preparation of it. Before coming to Morocco, my diet was very restrictive. For 7 years I have been a pescatarian and I have stuck by my choice throughout. My diet involves seafood and eggs, excluding any sort of meat product. Before my trip, I was nervous about a few things including what I would be eating at my host family’s home, if my professor was able to provide me with the right diet and if the food will be as delicious as it would for everyone else? Since my arrival in Morocco, my perception of the food has changed drastically. The various restaurants and meals (provided by my homestay family) have been equally amazing and memorable. All of my meals have been either vegetarian or seafood. Although each meal had their own flaws, for example eating at Noir & Blanc, as students on a budget, we are always open to trying out highly known restaurants that provide satisfying meals for the low cost.

New to the country and especially new to Agdal, we had asked the secretary of Amideast what he would recommend. Immediately he suggested we try Noir & Blanc, as the food was considered to be delicious and reasonably priced (including a special discount if we had said we were from Amideast). We quickly ran across the street entering the restaurant where we were seated in a VIP room hoping for a satisfying meal. After carefully thinking about the menu, we individually gave our orders which included foods such as savoury crepes, sandwiches and etc. We patiently waited for our food and were excited to try the new delicacies when the female manager entered the room and had informed us that the dishes w ordered were not available. At this point, we had less than 45 minutes before the start of our lectures. We were all upset about the situation so we decided to accommodate the items that were momentarily available. At this point, Kelly Day and I were a bit concerned about what we were able to eat due to our dietary restrictions. Once our food had arrived we wasted no time and started stuffing our faces. My sandwich had a few vegetables and a bit of cheese in it. The sandwich had very little difference compared to the sandwiches ordered by the others, the only difference was they had two pieces of chicken in their sandwiches.

In conclusion, our experience at this restaurant was very poor. The restaurant failed to meet our high expectations and we just paid our bills without any further conversations. Our meal was not at all filling so we made a small trip to McDonalds right after. For future reference, we definitely will not get lunch there but everything’s an experience when in Morocco, right!


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